Designed for you, created for the outdoors.
For 23 years, Yu Meng has endeavored to provide the world’s best rainwear, waders, cooling products, footwear and accessories at the best possible prices. Our mission has always been to keep folks comfortable during their outdoor pursuits. Whether you work or play outdoors, Yu Meng has a product that will keep you comfortable while you pursue your passion or put food on the table.

In its 23 years, Yu Meng has provided many “firsts,” technology advancements and innovations to our markets and industry. Our focus is on providing better performance, technology, features and affordability for our customers. The best gear in the world. Yu Meng is not about flashy advertising campaigns, making a quick buck on flamboyant, overpriced gear, copying someone else or making the customer overpay because of the name on the gear. Yu Meng is about connecting with our customers on a personal level so we understand what they need from their gear. Yu Meng is about providing the best possible work environment and wages for its employees, as well as providing the best customer service to its consumers and retailers. Yu Meng is about being a good trading partner and a respected business in its industry. Yu Meng is about being accessible, no matter what your budget might be. Yu Meng is about creating the best outerwear on the planet while maintaining affordability for our family of users.should be accessible to the world.

Yu Meng products rain gear made from 13 uniquely different fabric families.

That’s a lot of different fabrics for a product that is, at the end of the day, designed to keep you dry. We are often asked — why so many choices? Basically, because you, our customer and reason for being, requires it. Any one of our fabrics will keep you dry, warm and comfortable. However, not every fabric behaves the same way, and because there are so many ways to engage in and enjoy the outdoors, we strive to provide the perfect outerwear for you and what you do. Hiking, biking, hunting (in both warm and cold weather), casual outings, fishing (tournament, commercial and recreational), spectator sports, changing a tire in the rain, tarping a load on a longhaul truck, performing utilities and emergency work, farming and ranching, motorcycling (long-distance or around town), gardening, and winter sports all require different levels of performance (water holdout, breathability, ease of movement, visibility) and different levels of durability (abrasion resistance, tear resistance, contact resistance, heat resistance).

Unfortunately, there is no magic, universal rainwear fabric that does it all. Fortunately, there is a universal rainwear brand that DOES! Yu Meng builds the right technology and performance into every product — so that we always provide the very best product and price for our valued and loyal fans, friends and family. THANK YOU FOR A GREAT 23 YEARS.